Sunday, October 2, 2011

The foundation assumption of Kido (the way of energy) and Kiko (energy working) is that everything, absolutely everything, we think say and do actually creates the world we live in. In fact everything we have ever thought, said, & done counts too. Thoughts include anything from our minds. Prayers, silent affirmations, thoughts, ideas, etc. Saying actually includes every sound we make, but strong is that which we say. Doing includes anything the body does. We can see that these can interact, and indeed we can combine, mix and match them as doing can include words and thoughts, and sounds can include the body too. Also how often we repeat any of these. How much passion or intensity we give them. How long we continue in a particular pattern. All of these three influence each other. Louder tends to have immediate impact and fade. Softer tends to have lighter initial strength but can grow with time. Notice I say tends to... Then we begin to interact with all the other sentient beings, and seemingly stationary items too. We interact with our environment, the people in it, the air, the water. Everything is changing; we flow with it, or feel the dissonance of our separate paths. We can compliment, match, or even cooperate with the movement of the world; we can even compete with it, of course, but be prepared for quite a bit of pain with this path. Everything counts; so our mindfulness of this moment, in this body, becomes our best tool. Mindfulness of the detail and the 'big picture' too. Flowing with the moments as they change. Softly but firmly, enjoying every moment. From the center of our being to the furthest point, and back again. Every moment of everyday. This is Kido... the way of energy. the way of vital energy... the way of our life force... of the life force of the universe... This is the way.

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