Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meiso = Meditation

Kiko always begins and ends with Meiso. We translate Meiso as Meditation.
We use seiza or correct sitting in kiko for meditation.
Seiza is sitting in a kneeling position with our knees bent and our heels tucked under our buttocks.
Our nose must be vertical, and our eyes horizontal.
Our breathing is natural, full, and complete.
Our whole-self sits quiet and still.


  1. How long does Meiso last at the beginning and at the end ?

  2. How long does Meiso last? As a practice it can be from one heartbeat to 7 days. Personally I like 20 minute increments. But ultimately we carry the mindfulness with us every moment of every day.

  3. Also, various lengths of time, can be used in different ways. Much depends on our life style and our other responsibilities. The most important thing is to begin to make time to sit still.

    We can also notice the gaps between our thoughts during our daily lives, and this is a good practice.

    There is a mind... a natural mind that is found when the mind sits still for a moment, when it pauses and slips down to our core, to our tanden. It is this mind that carries us through the day.

    I know of no-one who has found it without some contemplative practice; though even walking under the trees with the earth beneath us... listening to a babbling brook... or gazing out across the desert or sea, can do the 'trick' as well.