Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inzo - positions / postures / seals

Kiko deals with GoDai the 5 Elements of Shingon: Chi = Earth; Mizu = Water; Hi = Fire; Kaze = Wind; and Ku = Emptiness. We use the GoDai when we create Inzo. Inzo are postures and movements that seal the spells and invest our intent with energy. When we create the Inzo (seals/postions) with our hands, each digit represents one of the elements. In the esoteric teaching: The thumb is Ku; The index/pointing finger is wind; The middle finger is Fire; The ring finger is Water; and the little finger is earth. In the exoteric tradition they are reversed, how confusing is that? When we continue the Inzo with our bodies... Ku is the centered in crown of the head; from the third eye up to infinity and throughout the cosmos. Kaze includes the nose mouth and throat. Hi is from the bottom of the neck to the solar plexus and centered in the Heart. Mizu is the stomach including the solar plexus and the tanden Chi is the whole lower half of the body also including the tanden and tail/root/sacred bone. Each of these Inzo can be combined to represent different energies. Each energy has it's own sets of sounds and meanings that correspond with eachother and interact. In our tradition there are currently 1664 + 2 = 1666 different combinations being used; But it is said there are 18,400 of them. Or sometimes we just say 10,000 which can mean infinite; since ultimately everything we think, say, and do is Kiko.

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