Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nagaiki = Longevity

Nagaiki = Longevity:
The exoteric portion of kiko often is done for Nagaiki, or longevity; to increase the length of our lives. Of course, our practice must both increase the length and the quality of our lives to be worthwhile. In the Buddhist aspect this is done only so that we can either realize our true selves and/or to help others do the same.

In Kiko we teach 5 life style practices for Nagaiki.
1. Mokuteki = Purpose
To have a purpose in our lives; to live for others, not just ourselves; to have a reason to live).
2. Tekido = Moderation
(to live moderately, modestly, and appropriately).
3. Hohoemi & Warai = Smile & Laugh
(take time to have a good time, and not take ourselves too seriously).
4. Osore wo Kaiho suru = Release Fear
(To have courage in all circumstances, in kiko we have no room for fear).
5. Ochitsuita & Odayakana = Be Calm & Serene
(To remain Calm in all situations, helps us see clearly and live clearly).

Have a Purpose;
Live Moderately;
Smile & Laugh;
Release Fear;
Be Calm & Serene;

We teach that these 5 things will lead to a long and healthy life.

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