Friday, October 7, 2011

Speed of energy in the practice of Kiko

I was asked about speeds... There are many speeds. There is a natural ebb & flow to the world. Remember the movement 'yura yura,' to sway as the kelp in the ocean. Differences between night & day. Cold winter nights, lively spring mornings, hot summer days, & blustery autumn afternoons. The key is to be natural and fit the situation we are in... The time & place... the season & time of day.... who is there... what objects are in the space with us... what is the purpose or intention... etc? That being said, we usually teach 6 speeds. The earth lower and slower, more stable; Water meandering to fairly fast flowing; Fire faster and sharper; Air.... smooth and fast; and emptiness from speed of light and beyond. But these can be combined, mixed, and merged, for interesting results. Many training practices use variations of the water speeds; it's the most adaptable & fairly easy to learn... & it flows very nicely. Often though the slower & lower earth speed gives us time and stability, that can be of use for both learning, training, and formal ceremonies; I like earth for first trainings and last, because its the easiest and the hardest. But I too use water a lot. I find the speed that matches... all 6 have there place both in my training and in my life; though 70% of my practice is in the 6th uppermost wheel; but that's just me. As humans we can blend different speeds too. From one moment to the next, according to the movement & moment we find ourselves in. Everything changes, so we change along the way... thus moving, but not moving since we match exactly the movement around us; because now it's within us too. kiko is all about alignment. Alignment with our core, including our core principles. Alignment with our environment, and situation. Be free to align. Be flexible in body and mind. Keep to the core as it as always been taught, be true to our core beliefs, but liberated from that which has already changed. Being in this moment, in this time in this place, in this very body, in this world as it really is, as we really are. This is kido

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