Friday, October 7, 2011

Basic postures

Of course there are many ways to sit on the floor, and a few for a chair too. But the standard postures are Seiza (sitting on our heels) &; Kekka Fusa (most often called the lotus posture). All others are versions, combinations, and adaptions of these two.

Basic standing is just standing upright with either the feet together or apart... if apart we most often use either shoulder width or two shoulder widths apart. Walking is done at the 6 speeds of Kiko.

Sometimes mixed in one session or one speed per session. We use all shapes and distances, though the most common are the circle and the rectangle.

There are some practices thought that take to the seemingly straight line, and others that meander like a gentle stream.

Lying down is also done on the back, on the belly, and even on some occasions on our side. Flat on the back is probably the most common. The hands are usually at our sides or stretched fully out, or almost all the way out for poses, though some have a naturally bent elbow... Ok, this is harder than I thought...

Kiko tries to be flexible and use every pose our bodies can naturally do, and even a few that don't feel natural to me. We need to both be comfortable and challenge ourselves; the practice is based on the resolution and combination of Dichotomies like these.

By beginning from the middle and expanding to both extremes, without ever leaving the middle, is what the practice is; this is what makes it work. The extremes can't be too extreme as long as the middle is held; so we are free to expand without limit. Never leaving the center, so we are always there, and gone, but never having left. In our center but not static, we are growing infinitely, flowing naturally with nature....

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