Sunday, October 2, 2011

One of the first inzo most of us are shown is the two hands clasped flat together in front of our heart as gassho. Another popular seal is the jo(u)-inzo. Often refered to as the universal or meditation seal. Often used while doing sitting meditation, we form a circle with the hands and place it in front of the tanden. This circle takes many shapes, and rests in a variety of ways; some schools prefer one way, and some schools prefer another; each way has it's own meaning and creates a different result. But all have great meaning and power & can be wonderful tools to use in this world... in this moment... in this body. Kido is learning how these seals create flow, and how the flow creates the seals, along with the realization of the transformation that takes place as we move, pause, and continue throughout our lives. Realization of the connection between visualization, sound, & movement and the flow/seal they create is kido. All kiko begins sitting in seiza (correct sitting [posture]). Correct means this is the way it is done, and that it is upright. Then from the tanden stretch up and bow down... breath in as we go down... exhale... and rise on the following in breath. Then wait for the next breath and follow it... flow with it to the next seal. One of the strongest seals is Gotsu-za, or sitting immovable like a bold mountain. Sit & don't move; neither the mind nor body moves, no sound is made. The heart beats, blood and breath flow... so again we move, but we don't move. The world moves around us as we flow with it. Both in the inzo (seals) & in the dosa (way of movement), kokaku (skeletal alignment) must be welcomed.

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