Saturday, March 31, 2012

In yo - Shadow Sunshine

The very center is stable, it doesn't move. But all else around it is subject to in yo (shadow sunshine); all else moves with the movement of shadow & sunshine. All else changes.

When we match the natural movement of shadow sunshine in our lives, our lives move smoothly and naturally too. Sometimes not seeming to move at all. We move without moving. This is sometimes fairly straight, and sometimes meandering this way or that; sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow. But in either case we let it flow. Sometimes standing still, sometimes running with the wind.

The very center of the tornado that is our lives, this eye of the hurricane is calm, serene, tranquil... as long as we move within the eye. As long as we move naturally from our center.

The center connects us to the rest of the world in a natural way.

In Kiko we call this center kikai, or the ocean of breath. The center sometimes called tanden is the elixir field where everything comes together, where transformation takes place.

Sit in the center, move from the center in the world and the world moves with us, or do we move with it? The difference... the separation between them disappears...

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