Monday, June 7, 2010

Environment - Cause and Effect (2)

To continue on this idea of Environment... When we do any kiko we must be aware of our center, we call this Tanzen (or in the more common pronunciation tanden). From there we use the air to fill ourselves up which aligns the bones. This bone alignment creates the environment to relax without collapsing. With the bone alignment in place we can continue to expand without fear.

For the external spaces... we clean from the center first, the entrance next, and then the exit and find a place for the refuse. I like it when different aspects carry the same principles (there are always exceptions of course but basically they match up).

So we begin within ourselves (the very center or our universe) and then while always keeping our center work our way out to include everything and then bring everything back to us to find that we were all conjoined to start with. How cool is that?

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  1. Another great synonym for Tanzen/Tanden is KiKai. KiKai means the 'ocean of breath' or the 'ocean of energy' even 'vital energy' or life force.' I like this one because it really points out the the center core is also not hard but a gases state of movement that is still at the core, yet at the core of the movement is stillness and peace. But I also like it because, although use either my shingon buddhist name 'Kuen' or or my zen kaimyo 'Jyozen' most of the time... the kaimyo on my inka says Kikaizenjin; this kikai is a different kanji and means to return rather than ocean of breath, but it is the same sound. Anyhow I usually say Tanden, since this is the most common pronunciation. My teacher uses Tanzen, but we know it also as Kikai.