Friday, April 2, 2010

Sokushin Jobutsu

Kiko is based on the basic premise of Shingon Buddhism.
Shingon-shu is the school of the true sound/word.
The basic premise of this school is Sokushin Jo(u)butsu.
Sokushin Jobutsu = Attaining Buddhahood in this very life/body.
This is done through San-Mitsu.
San-Mitsu = The Practice of the 3 Mysteries.
First is the Body. We form the inzo(u) or seals with our hands and bodies, these are our positions. With our breath we move between these seals from one to another.
The second is speech/sound. It refers to our breath, and the 'shingon' or true words we read, chant, and speak.
The third is the mind, and refers to our meditation. We dwell in a meditative state throughout every heartbeat and breath.

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  1. Most interesting how so many "practices" are built on three's, the trinity, mind, body, spirit.