Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exoteric and Esoteric

In the teaching passed to me, there are both Exoteric (kenkyo) and Esoteric (mikkyo) teachings. The two together create The Teaching.

The exoteric are those that we can see and talk about. The esoteric are those we don't see and only try to talk about.

Kiko exercises of position, movement, and sound bring the esoteric to the exoteric, and join them as one. By doing kiko we bring the invisible into sight, and join them as one.

Only the exoteric portion is taught, the esoteric is 'stolen' from an adept by being in their presence. Being in an adept's presence, simply, one day we understand and this understanding is recognized. The exoteric teaching says this takes 20 years, the esoteric teaching says it takes one heartbeat, both are true.

I'm beginning to see again, why this teaching is done face to face instead of on the internet; at one point I wondered if this were the case because The Teaching was being passed well before the written word, but now I think that here we can't practice the exoteric part of the exercises and movements, even describing them is difficult. We can't talk about The Teaching, because the esoteric portion once put into words no longer really makes sense, it begins to go in circles trying to include everything; everything includes even opposites, so it makes no logical sense to call two opposites true; but in terms of The Teaching, everything must be included; the most important part of 'everything' may even be 'nothing.'

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